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The Latin Heritage Foundation is a non-for-profit institution devoted to the preservation,  promotion and defense of cultural values of Western civilization, in particular those related to our Latin American Culture.

By principle, we support writers and artists of Latin American descendant  from around the world, who display a commitment with society and the communities where they live for the rightful unfolding off humankind.

Ensuring the strengthening of cultural expressions poses a challenge for today?s local, national and international communities.  In order to address this particular dimension of cultural identity, Latin Heritage Foundation undertakes approaches to promote cultural expressions in a variety of formats: books, eBooks, DVD and CD.

Latin Heritage Foundation provides a suitable common ground for mutual understanding and enrichment between Latin American countries, its ethnic groups and diverse and rich culture, with their complex implications for identity, communication and social integration.

 LHF undertakes urgent action to encourage broad promotion of all Western culture expressions. We realize that cultural awareness may be vital for the long-term survival of humanity; and that the conservation of national and indigenous cultures may be as important to humankind as the conservation of species and ecosystems is to life in general.


Gualdo Hidalgo


Latin Heritage Foundation Publisher

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